Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suggestions For Practices to Add or Subtract

Thanks for participating in the practices survey.

If there are other practices you would like me to add to this survey, or other general comments you'd like to make, please comment below. If you think there are practices that just don't belong on here, I'd be interested to hear which ones and why.


Anonymous said...

1) You owe me lunch. Everything is iterative. We've never done a complete redesign apart from re-implementing Thread Validator and that was nothing to do with iterative development - more to do with Beta 1.0 was not well received and we had to start again. We have 40 software tools in development or on sale.

2) People are what count, not process.

3) Pair programming, that is just using 2 sub-standard guys to try to be equivalent to one good guy. Waste of time. If you haven't worked at a place where you know you are at the top and some of the others are 7:1 worse than you (as some metrics claim), then you won't understand why this is true.

4) People are what count, not process. Sorry, does that look familiar?

5) Try "pracices to remove". Too many things in your list. We get questions from our customers on a regular basis about what "technique" we use. I always answer "good people", no magic voodoo, no pair, no scrum, etc, just good people. Most are amazed the answer is so simple (if you get any BS or answers that don't add up, don't hire them, good people don't lie and don't BS).

Stephen (@softwareverify.com)

Damon Poole said...


Thanks for your feedback.

If everything is iterative, then sorry no lunch.

People absolutely count. Process is just leverage. It makes sense to have good process for the same reason that you have good equipment for your good people to use... you respect your people.

I'm not sure what your point is about pair programming. My only reference to it was that it was not required.

Ok, so which practices would you remove?