Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poll - Your Preferred Software Development Methodology

Last question. With the exception of change reviews, all of the practices listed are the core of Agile development. Sure, there's that whole philosophy and manifesto stuff. But IMHO, if you are doing short iterations (for real) and many or most of the other practices, you are doing Agile development. No 3x5 cards, pair programming, certification, or manifesto required. Just don't like the idea of a new word or "joining a movement?" No problem, improving your dev process is the goal, not "doing Agile right" or anything else for that matter.

For any of the practices that you are not currently doing but that you believe have a significant benefit, think about what the combined effect would be if you implemented all of them. It may take time to achieve, but it will definitely be worth the investment.

So, you are starting a new software company with your own hard-earned cash. What software development methodology will you use?

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Unknown said...

After taking your survey, I saw that the results are currently split between Agile and people. That reminds me of my own opinion which is that Agile software and quality people are the best way to go. I blogged about Agile at http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com/cgi-bin/ViewBlogEntry.pl?id=4 and I blogged about people at http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com/cgi-bin/ViewBlogEntry.pl?id=5

Paul W. Homer said...

I've gravitated towards what works, and stayed away from what sound nice or is popular. Some of the more famous newer approaches are heavily oriented on making programming work more fun. That's a nice sentiment, but if it's my money, I want to be results-oriented. Business issues often trump technical ones in small companies. Some days are harder than others. And it's only really fun, if you win in the end, isn't it?

Damon Poole said...

Hi Paul,

Sometimes popular is right. :-)

I totally agree with your "fun" comment, especially the winning bit!

I don't see Agile as focused on fun though. Discipline is generally not more fun. All of the successful Agile projects I've seen area actually very disciplined. But, they are also much more fun because you are able to show off on a regular basis and have less that gets canceled or shelved. You may enjoy my post on the magic of software which is also about fun.

Thank you so much for your copious and thoughtful comments. I appreciate the dialog.