Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If You Were Starting a Software Company With Your Own Money, Would You... ?

If you were bootstrapping a software company with your own hard-earned cash, what software development practices do you believe in enough that you would use them right off the bat?

You have to vote to see the results. There is a link below each poll which links to the next. There are 15 in all. The first is on your role, the rest are about which dev practices you value.

[Note to the jaded cynics: the polls really do only collect votes, your privacy is assured]

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Ilja Preuß said...

Your polls are missing an entry "don't know/not sure"

Damon Poole said...

Thanks Ilja, fixed!

Anonymous said...

You left out "All of the above", which is probably the reality for folks starting from the beginning. I also wish this entire subject was discussed in a single blog post rather than multiple blog posts. I may miss the updates having been linked here.

Damon Poole said...

Hi Chuck,

Good points. I broke it up into separate entries so that folks could comment on the individual practices if they wanted to. I wish there were better technology choices. It would be great if there was a way to easily set it up to get consolidated poll results, easily put a comment section anywhere you like, etc. Some day!

Paul W. Homer said...

My Other: Developer + Project Manager + Product Manager

Unknown said...

You will probably have more "other" than the rest. Because in the most case, someone starting a Software company will be a Manager/Project Manager and his speciality, like developer.
IMHO, you should use checkbox instead of radiobutton.