Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Best Product Owners Write Small Valuable User Stories

Are you a product owner, or aspiring to be one? Is your organization struggling with producing user stories that can be implemented start to finish in a few days or less that real users will recognize as valuable and say "thank you" for? Too often, the "user stories" that get implemented in a short period of time are really tasks. In extreme cases, providing end user consumable value takes multiple sprints.

On April 4th, Nexxle and Banner Solutions are partnering to bring you a webinar that will introduce you to a number of story writing and story splitting techniques that can help you and your organization create small valuable stories. We'll do a quick refresher on INVEST using examples of stories that meet or don't meet the INVEST criteria and then cover story splitting techniques including split by test scenario, split by generated list, cake slicing, and many more

Register now for our April 4th webinar.

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