Monday, August 15, 2011

Agile 2011 Highlights and Why Go to Agile 2012

For the third year running now I've produced a video of highlights from the Agile 20xx conference. The intention is to give a flavor of the conference and also to motivate folks to consider going to the next one. It is amazing how much value one can get out of the conference and my hope is that more people will experience that value.

The first year was a single take done during the "open jam" session at Agile 2009. The second year I used iMovie on the iPhone 4. This year I got slightly more sophisticated using iPhone 4 for video capture and iMovie on the MacBook Pro for editing. This year I've added photo overlays, voice overs, and audio normalizing to my bag of tricks!

This video has it all. A fight scene (!), comedy, acrobats on skis, interviews with attendees, clips from the sessions, and much more. Check out the short version on YouTube! An extended edition will be available soon.


Bryan said...

I was in SLC for the Agile conference and really enjoyed your Scrum/Kanban like C&PB presentation. We're in the process of moving a couple of our maintenance teams to Kanban.

Is your presentation available for download anywhere?

Damon Poole said...


Here it is:

Glad you liked it. Feel free to send me questions regarding Kanban, I'm working on updates to my blog on the subject and perhaps a mini-book as well.


Bryan said...

Awesome! Thanks man!