Saturday, October 23, 2010

AccuRev's Scrum User Training Comes to You!

There are now three cities where you can get an amazing deal on AccuRev Certified Scrum User Training.

This is a unique course that not only teaches Scrum, it also covers the basics of other practices and techniques that you will need to succeed at Scrum. This includes things like user stories, story points, planning poker, continuous integration, unit tests, refactoring, and more!

We initially did these courses on site (which we still do) and are now providing them in cities across the US. The response has been tremendous. People seem to really enjoy this course and have a lot of fun learning through the hands-on activities.

These courses are for everybody involved in development: management, product managers, developers, testers, DBAs, technical writers, project managers, etc. You'll form into cross-functional teams, pick your own software product to build, and do the exercises as a team. This is a great team-building opportunity.

The course is also available for on-site delivery and can accommodate up to 200 participants at a time. Cost is based on an initial fee plus a small additional fee per person and travel and expenses. Instead of training just a small initial team of Scrum Masters, now you can train your whole enterprise for the same price. For more information, contact and tell them I sent you! :-)


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