Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Download "Do It Yourself Agile" For Free!

In my copious spare time I've been working on a book about Agile development. I had originally intended to publish it as an offline paper book, but over time I realized that I was generating a bunch of content that was just getting dusty on the shelf and wasn't providing any value or getting the benefit of rapid feedback. So now I've switched gears and am moving to publishing entirely on the web.

Translating a book to the web takes time, so I’ve also decided to make the book available via pdf in the meantime. As the material has made its way to the web, it has often been rewritten. Some of those changes have made it into the book, and some haven’t.

While I believe that an Agile coach, whether recruited internally or externally, is still the best and fastest path to Agile success, not everyone can do that. "Do it Yourself Agile" is intended to be a resource you can lean on as you transition to Agile on your own.

In any case, let me know what you think. I look forward producing new versions incorporating your feedback.

[Sep 29, '09: Second version now available, link is the same.]
[Sep 14, '09: Based on the feedback so far I will be adding recent blog entries and putting out the first update to the book in a couple of weeks.]

"Do it Yourself Agile" (pdf)


كريم said...

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Raghunathan K.S said...

It looks very simple and neat. People can do quick read and gain tremendous knowledge on Agile.

Good job !

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