Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Continuous Integration Sessions at Agile 2009

If you are interested in Continuous Integration, and you are going to Agile 2009, please consider attending one of my CI sessions:

Removing Integration Delays with Collocated Whole Teams and Multi-stage CI
As individuals we work in transient isolation to reduce the impact of work in progress on each other. Organizations isolate WIP by using only official versions of 3pty sources and by producing official releases for customers.

Multi-stage continuous integration (MSCI) scales CI to large distributed environments by isolating work in progress at the team level. Changes move from individual to team to mainline as fast as CI allows, but stop on failure.

MSCI is particularly important in a distributed environment where fixes to problems exposed by CI can be delayed by a full day. [Full Details]

Agile Source Code Management using Stories, Agile Workflow, and CI
You create iterations from a backlog of user stories managed via a taskboard with a simple “workflow” from “todo” to “done.” You use Continuous Integration. But in your source control system you’ve just got files and branches. You could create a branch for every story, but that’s a lot of branches to manage! How can you ask the source control system which versions/files correspond to the stories that are done in order to build the “done” version and do exploratory testing? This session will show how to manage changes using stories and how to use branches to represent your workflow. [Full Details]

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