Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Continuous Integration Promotes Healthy Agile Practices

Come learn "How Continuous Integration Promotes Healthy Agile Practices" in a webinar I'm doing for Version One at noon EDT on June 17th . See you there!

Abstract: Healthy, successful Agile teams rely on a robust Continuous Integration implementation as the hub of their Agile infrastructure. Many of the Agile practices depend on Continuous Integration (CI) in order to provide their full value. For instance, unit tests are the most valuable when all unit tests are run automatically on a frequent basis. Scaling Agile to large and/or distributed teams also depends on CI. Conversely, CI can be used as a leading indicator of the health of your Agile teams. This session will cover best practices for transitioning to Continuous Integration as well as show the strong link between CI and one-piece-flow, unit tests, short iterations, whole teams, refactoring, user stories, shared code ownership, distributed Agile, and large scale Agile.

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