Friday, January 04, 2008

Do It Yourself Agile

[Last updated: Oct 1, 2009]
This is an evolving web-only book for the Agile DIY'er. A downloadable version, with more content (180+ pages), is also available.

Table of Contents

Agile in a Nutshell
Traditional Development Scenario
Agile Development Scenario
Primary vs Secondary Benefits
Agile Development, What's in it for Me?
Reinvest in Your Engine by Improving the Work Environment
Your Development Process is Part of Your Work Environment
A Quick Summary of the Benefits of Adopting Agile

The Problems With Traditional Development
Dev Team Having Performance Problems? Try Niagra!
The Chinese Finger Trap of Traditional Development
The Chinese Finger Trap: Architecture, Development, and QA

Short Iterations
Unconciously Agile
The Agile Waterfall
Sustainable Pace: Supply vs. Demand
The Usability of Short Iterations

Process Perspective
There is no Bug. It is Not The Bug That Bends, it is Only Yourself
Apply Elegant Architecture to Your Dev Team
How Agile Solves Problems

Agile Lifecycle

Agile Product Management
The Role of Defect Management in Agile Development
Designing Software is the Same as Predicting the Future
The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work
The "Faberge Egg" Widget
Frequent Releases Improve Code Quality Faster
The Role of QA in an Agile Project

Multi-Stage Continuous Integration
Advanced Multi-Stage Continuous Integration

It's Better to Find Customer Reported Problems ASAP
Customers Don't Want Frequent Releases
Tuning the Frequency of Your Release

Adopting Agile
Stage 1: Preparing for the Transition to Agile
Stage 2: Establishing a Natural Rhythm

Complementary Practices
Do You Need a Standup Meeting?

Appendix A
Agile Case Study: Litle and Co.
The Iterative Design of a Transforming Lego Car


More to come!


Nachiket said...

Hi Damon,

2 Days back i started reading your posts, and now this mini book, It's excellent. Thank you. I am not sure weather you will like my comment or not, i apologize if it hurts you. Your book title "Zero to Hyper Agile" is amazing, But 90 days or less is less attractive, you know i always try to run away from books which says something like in 24 hrs, in 1 months. Otherwise if you take title only like "Zero to Hyper Agile" it look more solid. Sorry but i am not telling to change it, but just a thought of me. I want to share, you should ask other people or just ask it on yahoo answers or some forums. What do you say..


Tom Morris said...

Presumably you mean "complementary" practices as opposed to "complimentary."

Damon Poole said...


Ooops! My compliments on your complementary commentary. :-) Typo fixed.