Thursday, December 14, 2006

First Hyper Agile Project is Now Complete

The project that I mentioned back in October, now called AccuWorkflow, has just been announced this week! You can also learn more about it here. While the connection to Agile Development may not be that clear yet, this is just the first release.

I believe that for Agile to succeed it must be supported by more tools and it must scale to larger teams. Further, short iterations will actually require much better defined and much more automated process. To that end, AccuWorkflow, a new add-on to AccuRev makes it much easier for teams to establish and automate their desired process across the entire software development life cycle regardless of methodology.

For this project we used an Agile methodology that I call "Hyper Agile." The key ingredients of Hyper are:

Short Iterations
Automate Everything
Virtual Pipelining
Source Control
Issue Tracking
Development Hierarchy
Quality Quotient

For more information on the role of short iterations in Hyper see this article. In future updates I'll elaborate on other aspects of Hyper and the experience of using it in the development of AccuWorkflow.

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Ethan Moore said...

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